With the upcoming deal with PowerChip Company and pressure from the boss, Stephen’s time is ticking on selecting a perfect star candidate for the semiconductor analyst role. This person should be able to handle pressure, ensuring there are significant coverage of the semiconductor industries, and that they uphold to their superior company coverage that RSH has been known for. This individual must ensure that their clients are confident and satisfied with the research reports and analysis provided by RSH. Other additional requirements includes a senior analyst with experience and is preferably ranked in the II magazine. For this position, it is imperative that Stephen selects the right “start” replacement. One of the most important aspects in hiring a new star analyst is finding one that can work with the high-powered team that is already in place. The team that is in place right now, and the environment that is fostered at RSH is one of community, and support. The employees at RSH value the success of the organization more important than their individual success. The company also plays a part in fostering a team community by linking the employee bonuses to the group’s success, and fostering workshops that helped build trust amongst the employees. With a group that is as close knit is important to bring someone in that can build strong, trusting relationships with the group, or promote someone within. Due to the fact that they put so much effort into fostering a community among the employees, there was a low turnover rate, so the office, and most importantly the group felt hurt by him leaving for another job. First, it is important to know that whoever steps into the role of star analyst,  will be working interdependently to achieve the goal of maximizing the investments they make for the company. He or she will be working with a high-performing team that shares common goals, and is small so they all share the responsibility of the groups actions. Not only will the new hire have to be knowledgeable about the job itself, but whoever is awarded the position needs to be able to put in the extra effort to build deep trusting relationships with the team members they will be leading. This is one of the reasons that it may be beneficial to promote from within.  As for the temporary solution to the predicament, Stephen had promoted Rina Shea from RSH’s junior analyst to senior analyst to cover the semiconductor duties until a candidate has been selected. Stephen has made some considerations of allowing Rina to become the permanent semiconductor because she was mentored by Peter Thompson, knows the semiconductor industry, and most importantly has the RSH culture ingrained in her. However, she lacks the years of experience and his boss’s displeasement of his decision to promote Rina into the role. Despite this, the decision to promote Rina as a permanent semiconductor analyst will award with considerable benefits to RSH.

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