purification is the way toward removing unwanted chemicals, natural
contaminants, suspended solids and gasses from water. The objective is to
deliver water fit for a reason. Water from these different sources is dealt
with to expel contamination and to make it appropriate for human utilization. (Jacobson,
Water purification may likewise be intended for an assortment of different
purposes, including satisfying the necessity of therapeutic, pharmacological,
compound and modern applications. Water purification may reduce concentration of
particulate issue including suspended particles, parasites, microbes, algae,
infections, organisms and as well concentration of a range of dissolved and
particulate matter. The measures for drinking water quality are ordinarily set
by governments or by worldwide norms. These steps of water purification are
standardized by world regulation and currently being used worldwide. (Refer

first stage in water purification is called screening. The screening stage is
basically filtering foreign material from the source of water. Screening stage
require a large strong grill that can hold and separate large non-biodegradable
solid that often found in water source such as plastic, wood, rags and etc (Droster,
An effective screening process will help to reduce the damage in the further
process as solid foreign material could induce machinery fault such as blockage
or leakage that can interrupt water purification process. Water screening
usually divided in 2 different types which is coarse screening or fine
screening. Screens usually cleaned periodically either manually or automatically.
Coarse screen is the frontline of water treatment process meanwhile fine
screens help to filter fine small tiny foreign material from causing and
maintenance in the later processes. Majority of water treatment plant use
combination of coarse and fine screens in their water treatment facility.

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second steps in most conventional water purifying forms is the addition of
chemicals to aid the expulsion of particles suspended in water called
coagulation. Particles can be inorganic, for example, mud and sediment or
natural, for example, algae, microbes, infections, protozoa and normal natural issue.
The addition of inorganic coagulants causes several simultaneous chemical and
physical interactions on and among the particles. These precipitates
consolidate into bigger particles under normal procedures and through induced mixing
which is sometimes referred to as flocculation. The term regularly used for the
shapeless metal hydroxides is “floc.”. (Edzwald, 2011). Coagulation
destabilizes the particles’ charges.  Once
the charge is neutralised, the little suspended particles are fit for sticking
together. Over-blending does not influence coagulation, but rather lacking
blending will leave this process incomplete.

is a physical water treatment process utilizing gravity to expel suspended
solids from water. (Omelia, 1998). Settling bowls are
ponds developed to remove entrained solids by sedimentation. It is an expansive
tank with low water speeds, enabling floc to settle to the base. The
sedimentation bowl is best found near the flocculation bowl so the travel
between the two processes does not allow settlement or floc separate.
Sedimentation tanks are typically design inside a specific range of flow rates.
As particles settle to the base of a sedimentation bowl, a layer of sludge is formed
on the floor of the tank which must be expelled and treated. “The amount of sludge
produced is significant, regularly 3 to 5 percent of the total volume of water
to be treated.” (Omelia, 1998) . The cost of
treating and discarding the sludge can affect operating cost of a water
treatment plant. The sedimentation bowl might be furnished with mechanical
cleaning gadgets that constantly clean its base, or the bowl can be
intermittently removed from benefit and cleaned manually.

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