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Asda is a group of company operate as one of the largest food
and clothing retailers in the UK. The company, once know as dairy conglomerate,
was acquired by Wal-Mart stores in 1999.

The company’s trains its employees because so the employees
get to know what happened in the company what his role of job is so if he joins
that company then he won’t have any problems.

Also by training employees they get more skills and that can
help them in future. Also the employees will be offered the chance to train
toward national vocational qualification (NVQ) in the retail and modern

Also in Asda employees over the age of 25 will work toward
NVQ level 2 qualification and younger employees, aged 16-24, will work toward
modern apprenticeships.

Asda expects the pilot and basic skills implementation to
deliver similar business benefit to its 2003 basic skills pilot including
increased productivity, improved staff morale and retention, and a higher level
of internal promotion.


Performance management is a process for sharing an
understanding about needs to be achieved and then managing and developing
people in a way the enable such shared objectives to be achieved. The performance
appraisal is to enable employees to gain a clear picture of how they are
performing in the organisation and to identify areas where they need additional
support and training.



Identify training needs

All the employees need basic skills to perform their job.
They may need to carry out essential training to enable your employees to
fulfil their roles.

How to identify training identify needs

Look at the business objectives- any training that
contributes to these may be a priority.Implement a training programme- identify what you want
to achieve, and inform staff of the learning and development plansCarry out a full skills audit- some staff may have
skills that you didn’t know about, or that they haven’t had a chance to use

From my knowledge I know that the business identify training
needs when an employees are not doing their job properly. Also every employee
does not need to be perfect in their jobs.

Training employees


Reason for training in a selected business


It’s improves productivity and adherence to quality
standards.It increases ability to respond effectively to change.Improves ability to implement and realise specific
goals outlined in a company’s business plan.The employees develop skills sets that allow them
undertake a greater variety of work.

The others reason are by training the employees also makes a
company more too potential new recruits who seek to improve their skills and
the opportunities associated with those new skills.

A training strategy involves the systematic training and
improvement of people within the organisation so that they, and the company,
can achieve their objectives and both personal and corporate goals.

Training can be of any kind relevant to the work or
responsibilities of the individual, and can be delivers by any appropriate

By training employees also makes a company more attractive to
potential new recruits who seek to improve their skills and the opportunities
associated with those new skills.

The lack of the training to a potential top candidate
suggests that the company will fail to meet his or her own aspiration, leading
to a lack of ambitious candidate.

Types of training

Types of training are:

Technical or technology trainingQuality training Skills training Team training Safety training

These types of training will help you in your job and it will
make your job a lot easy for you.



Training and developing skills:

Training is a planned process to modify attitude, knowledge
or skill behaviour through to achieve effective performance. A company like
Asda if an employee lacks training is risky for fire, chemical and other health

Asda follow an ideal step by step process to train and
develop their human power. Asda have created come innovative and effective ways
for staffs to learn.



In 2018 employees who do not pay the apprenticeship levy will
be able to get 90% of the cost of apprenticeship training and assessment
co-funded by the government. Apprenticeship is a way to provide training for
both new recruits and existing staff.

An employee training is a process focused on a communicating
with and also teaching employee information and /or instructions. The purpose
of an employee’s training is to improve the employee’s performance or to help
the employee gain a necessary level of knowledge and skill too productively,
effectively, and perform his or her job.

Asda is an equal opportunities employer. That support young
people with careers in retail. Each store ‘adopts’ two local secondary school
to encourage young people to consider a career retail. Each of the Asda store
has community colleague that works in the local community. He or she regularly
visits school to talk about the retail sector and their own experience of
working at Asda, as well as the varied and numerous career options available.

Costs and benefits of training

The benefits of training employees are it will increases the
job satisfaction. When the company train them employees the cost of that can be
between £500 to up £5000 per participant. The purpose of training and
development function is to organize and facilitate learning and development for
this you need skills and abilities to require effective job performance.

They are five clever benefits
for good induction are using learning model for your business’ induction program. Timing  – They implemented
whenever it suits your business. Flexibility
– its made bespoke to the employee pool. Clarity – the new employees understand
their job responsibilities.

What are the reasons for training employees

Training and development are initiated for variety of reasons
for a employee or a group of employees, As part of succession planning to help
an employee be eligible for a planned change in role in the organization.

Benefits and rewards:


Benefits and rewards may cost a lot but it is important for
future achievement. It will promote employee to give high performance. Bonus:
their scheme is designed to recognize and reward colleagues for their valued contribution.
Pension: Asda pension plan is a great addition for retirement.

 Reasons for

Focused and successful business are likely to have clear
objectives detailing their goals and the vision that way want to achieve over a
set period of time. Any programme of training needs to be aligned to these
objective so that the workforce is equipped with the correct skills, competence
and knowledge to be able to work effectively and efficiently towards these

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