Those who are still on the fence when it
comes to using social selling need to realize the importance of making a
connection with their prospects at a personal level. The fact is, social
selling is a relatively new concept in the business world, but technology has
transformed the way we do everything, that includes buying as well, which means
selling is a sort of social process in today’s retail environment, even if it
is online. This also means that outdated marketing and selling techniques
aren’t going to get you anywhere.

Things are moving too fast nowadays and the
reality is, even the tactics that are considered new today will change and be
outdated in the future. The truth is, those businesses who do not make use of
social media throughout the sales process are at risk of losing everything.
Nowadays, to not sell social is like leaving money on the table, because you
are going to be losing out on the benefits of social selling.

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It is common for businesses to wait around
and figure out how long it’s going to take to seal the deal. This leads to many
people asking themselves, “why hasn’t the prospect taken action?” the main
issue with the traditional mode of selling was that it begun on the wrong foot.
Even if you are persistent with cold calling a prospect, but psychologically
they have set your business up to be a loser for nagging them about your
product or service, or for showing up at their event.

Why’s that? The answer is simple. Because the
persistent begging on the company’s part makes the prospect feel as if though
they are doing you a favor if they show up at your event or agree to give your
product or service a test run. This places the prospect in a position of
ultimate control which is bad for business. Just think about it, would you pay
attention or respect someone who is jumping through hoops to convince you to
buy a product or service. It’s not very likely to happen. That’s because your
brand should have enough value for the customer to make a favorable decision.

With the use of social selling brands can
easily shorten the sales cycle by implementing social selling into the sales
process and sharing valuable and informative information with the prospects
beforehand. That’s because social selling gives value to your brand by
establishing it as an authority in a niche. In the world of online selling,
brands that are able to differentiate themselves from the rest of the flock by
providing informational and interesting content for their potential customers
are going to be ahead of the curve.

Manage Your Online

By far, the best thing about using social
selling as a marketing strategy is that it allows you to manage your business’s
image and credibility. There is a raft of studies that have revealed the impact
of online reviews on the decision making process of the consumer. For instance,
According to a study by SalesForLife, around 65% of consumers feel that the
content of online vendors had an impact on their final purchase decision I

Here are just some of the benefits of
utilizing social selling to manage your online reputation:

Receive an immediate
notification if your name is mentioned online.

Instant notifications of
customer feedback which helps you improve your product or service.

Establishing a trusting
relationship builds likability in the eyes of potential customers.

Engaging directly with
prospects boosts your brand awareness.

Allows you to track your
competitor’s online activities against your business activities.

Allows you to hide damaging content about your brand
by pushing it down the search engine rankings.

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