the world are not able to keep up. Our forests are
being depleted faster than they are being replanted to build houses and sky
scraper buildings and our worlds natural resources such as coal and oil are
being completely depleted with the current demand. Even though in life it is
good to progress and to improve not all of it is good and a balance between
progressing and sustaining life on this earth and our worlds resources has to
be reached. I believe I as an individual had turned a blind eye to the
situation we as a population are facing and Wessels book has really brought me
back to reality and made me passionate to save the world that I was so kindly
gifted. Today as I write my closing words to this review I came across a new
quote that is more fitting to my new world view and a more realistic way to
look at the world. “Not all change is progress”14 – Woodrow Wilson,
28th President of the United States.

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