Smoking spread so quickly over the years that it is one
of the main causes of many preventable deaths worldwide. The use of tobacco has
caused over five-million deaths worldwide per a year and the current trends
show that the estimation of yearly deaths by 2030 will be eight-million.
Tobacco causes so much harm to the smoker’s body and to the surrounding people,
secondhand smoke. It leads to so many diseases and cancer. Each year worldwide,
one in hundred people die from secondhand smoke and another study reveals that
almost two-thirds are children. That’s why Islam teaches us to care for
ourselves and others and prohibits anything that causes harm. Allah Subhanahu
Wa Talaa says in the Quran, “….whoever kills a
soul unless for a soul or for corruption done in the land – it is as if he
had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved
mankind entirely…” 5:32

smoke has over seven thousands chemicals in it and two hundred-fifty from them
are known to be very harmful.  Sixty-nine of the two-hundred fifty known
harmful chemicals can cause cancer.  Some of those cancerous chemicals are
Acetaldehyde, Aromatic amines, Acetaldehyde, Arsenic, Benzene,
Nickel…Etc. Smoking is very addictive, and the Nicotine drug causes most of the
addiction. The addiction to tobacco is often through cigarettes caused by the
nicotine drug, which is in a way similar to the addictions produced in other
drugs like cocaine and heroin. It is absorbed by the lips which goes into the
lungs then into your bloodstream and in matter of seconds, it travels to the
brain. Taking deeper puffs of tobacco or smoking cigarettes more frequently
raise the amount absorbed by the body. The nicotine drug is naturally found in
the tobacco plant but companies who sell them purposely make sure the
cigarettes have enough nicotine to maintain the addiction. There are some
illnesses that smoking causes that many smokers don’t know about. For example,
it can causes blindness, increases the chance of AMD. Type 2 diabetes, that’ll
cause poor blood flow to the legs, it’ll lead to an infection and limb
amputation. There is also Ectopic Pregnancy, hip fractures, Colorectal Cancer,
Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cleft lip, Fertility Issues, gum disease and much more
that are currently being discovered.

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Smoking not only causes harm to the smoker but it also
causes harm to the surrounding people, secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke has
the same affect off harmful chemicals as the smokers. It is also known to cause
cancer even to those who never smoked, including lung cancer, larynx, pharynx,
nasal sinuses, brain, bladder, rectum, stomach and breast. It has an effect on
the heart and blood vessels in non-smokers and increases the risk of heart
attack and stroke. Secondhand smoke has most effect on children. “Studies show
children whose parents smoke get sick more often, have more lung infections,
like bronchitis and pneumonia, are more likely to cough, wheeze, have shortness
of breath, and get more ear infections.” “It causes new cases of asthma in kids
who didn’t have symptoms before.” Also, it triggers asthma attacks, makes its
symptoms worse.  Secondhand smoke is a problem everywhere, at workplaces,
public places, home, and even in the car.( It has caused an estimation of
yearly deaths, seven-thousand, three-hundred thirty of lung cancer and
thirty-three thousand, nine-hundred fifty from heart diseases). According to
U.S. Surgeon General’s report between 1964 – 2014 that 2.5 million people died
from secondhand smoke exposure.  

In Islam anything that causes harm to us or to others
is prohibited. In the hadith narrated by Saeed AlKhudree Radiya Allahu Anhu
said the Prophet Salla Allahu Alyhi wa Sallam said, “There should be neither
harming (darar) nor reciprocating harm (dirar).” Hasan by Ibn Majah
Medically, it clearly states all the health effect smoking has on the smoker
themselves and non-smokers around them. Smoking slowly kills and Allah
Subhanahu Wa Talaa told us in the Quran, “Do not kill yourself. Allah is
Merciful unto you.”4:29  Also the Prophet Salla Allahu Alyhi wa Sallam
told us, “A person will not be able to move on the Day of Judgment until he is
asked about … his body as to what he engaged it in.”  In another
hadith He Salla Allahu Alyhi wa Sallam said, “Your body has a right on
you.”  It doesn’t stop here though, as mentioned above, smoking
causes secondhand smoke that is very dangerous to the surrounding people. It is
haram to cause harm to your surroundings, Allah Subhanahu Wa Talaa says in the
Quran, “Those who cause harm to believing men and women without any reason
do a great sin.” 33:58 Since cigarettes are harmful the money paid for
it becomes wasteful and Allah Subhanahu Wa Talaa told us in the Quran not to be
wasteful, “… and do not be extravagant wasters. Those who are extravagant
are kinsmen of Satan.” 17:26-27 Even in the hadith narrated by the
Prophet Salla Allahu Alyhi wa Sallam, “A person will not be able to move
on the Day of Judgment until he is asked about ….. what he owned as to how he
spent it.”

conclusion, smoking has been proven to be the cause to many diseases and deadly
cancer. It caused so many deaths and is estimated to only raise the death rate
and most of those who die are usually people exposed to secondhand smoke.
Shaykh AlUthaymeen Rahimahu Allah said, “The evidence for the prohibition of
that which is harmful is to be found in the Quran and the Sunnah. From the
Quran: “and do not throw yourselves into destruction.” 2:195 “And do not
kill yourselves (nor kill one another.” 4:29 The same applies to
smoking, which is harmful in and of itself. The fact that it is harmful is a
matter on which doctors are unanimously agreed nowadays, and there is no
difference of opinion among them on that score, because tobacco contains toxic
substances that damage the blood.”







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