Silvestrin uses the minimum retail
space to incorporate various features that help in creating a beautiful and
spacious retail store. The minimal interior designs help save space and
resources while maintaining elegance in the display and arrangement of the
retail store. In other pieces of design, the architect uses white-washed brick
walls and concrete floor to create a serene environment inside the store.
Lightboxes are suspended from the ceilings which mimic floor units. Mirrored
walls of the building help create an illusion of more retail space and
organization within the building. Also, 
a combination of different frequencies of natural light help in creating
a superb environment inside the retail store.

The Armani Prive club in Milan is
also designed using minimalist approach (Pegler, 2007, p10). The architect used
a monochromatic and sensual palette to design the interior of the structure. The
interior of the store contains tones of gold and bronze which are arranged
uniquely to create a spacious but luxurious model. Armani also uses luxurious
materials and sleek design to improve the appearance of the final design. This
store has gold colored wall panels that create an enhanced beauty within the
room. When an individual enters the room, he is introduced to a rich world, and
his imagination turns into a world full of elegance and class.  The Armani club brings the feeling of class
and high social status because of its great design materials and the
modification of natural light to bring a picture of ecstasy, beauty, and
unwavering design technique. The entrance to the store is made of bar brass
bronze which creates a smooth feeling of relaxation and beautiful texture. The
design of this building helps transform the mood of a person by removing
sadness or remorse and introducing an individual to a world of fun through a
superb architectural masterpiece. The ceiling has many spotlights that switch
on and off creating a beautiful picture between the pale and dark surfaces. The
design of lighting in the building helps create a pool of bright light and
regions that enjoy intentional shadows. This design help create an environment
that signifies the natural play of light seen during a sunny day.

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