On that one sunny day in september, life as everyone knew it in America was changed forever.  On september 11th 2001, 4 planes were hijacked by 19 members of the terrorist group Al Qaeda who wanted to commit suicide to take others lives. Of the four planes 2 of them crashed into both the north and south world trade center buildings in New york city, another crashed into the pentagon in Washington D.C, the last plane was crashed into a field in Pennsylvania this plane was predicted to hit the white house. Around 3,000 people died on this day making it the deadliest attack in America’s history. This event changed the way americans started acting toward each other. Society was affected on the day 9/11. It sended are economy into war with Afghanistan. Many people lost their lives on this day. On september 11th the 19 hijackers came prepared. The nineteen hijackers smuggled knives and box cutters past security and onto the plane. They were able to smuggle them because they had planned it all out and tested it multiply times. A witness named Stephen J. Wallace said that there were two men one was videoing and taking still photos while the other was talking on the phone in Arab very loudly Wallace said that this behavior went on for 45 minutes. Wallace walked up to them and said “you guys don’t have any of this stuff in your bags” pointing at a display of prohibited items. Wallace said “One of them said at another, gesturing at me, and called me a rather nasty name in Arabic”. They then packed up there bags and raced to another checkpoint. Wallace went to authorities and said “These two clowns are up to something, they have been taking videos and pictures down at the main checkpoint” this was on May 11th 2001. Authorities never followed up, and on of the men that was saw doing this ended up being Mohamed Atta the 9/11 hijacker that flew the plane into the north tower. Three witnesses saw the Al-Qaeda men videoing and taking pictures of the main security checkpoints. All four of the planes were headed to california so they had a lot of fuel. 4 months later on september 11th Mohamed Atta passed through the same security checkpoint. His carry on bag was passed through the metal detectors and screening even though in his bag was thought to be box cutters and pepper spray. Mohamad found his seat in the business class on American Airline flight 11. That plane was leaving from Boston and headed towards California so it was loaded with fuel. Shortly after takeoff Mohamed made his move and ended up riding pilot on flight number 11 headed start for New York City. At 8:46 in the morning on September 11th was when flight number 11 hit into the north world trade center. Crashing into the building instantly killed everyone onboard and hundreds inside.

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