outside Capital in terms of maximum percentage limit on foreign shareholding or
the total value of individual or aggregate foreign investment.

Ø  Financial barriers

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scale makers particularly those situated in slacking districts in creating
nations need simple access to proficient coordination administrations. They are
looked with long separations from both residential and global markets. Unless
the ventures can combine activity volumes they can be barred from worldwide
supply chains. Be that as it may, the procedure of solidification isn’t without
taken a toll nor does it happen alone accord. It is normally taken care of by
outside gatherings as mediators. The examination was planned around the level
connections between the little scale makers and their vertical associations
with higher level gatherings engaged with a similar store network. It breaks
down the agreeable way to deal with connecting makers, the part of nomad
brokers, and a more up to date and inventive way to deal with a similar issue
through virtual combination of agriculturists utilizing present day data correspondence

Ø  Lack of 
distribution channels

makers would like to have their items appropriated generally—that is, for the
items to be accessible in whatever number stores as could be expected under the
circumstances. This is particularly the case for comfort items where the client
has little inspiration to go to a less advantageous retail outlet to get his or
her favored image. Soda pops would be an outrageous case here. Most by far of
individuals would agree to their less favored brand in a candy machine as
opposed to going somewhere else to get their best decision. This is one reason
is the reason being a little offer brand in specific classes can turn into an
endless loop that propagates itself

Broad expansion
for many manufacturers cannot be practically practiced. For example, a large
number of markets in the nutritional class can carry significant brands. Retail
sanitary stores and discount stores, it may be that way, maybe going to choose
some brands. In the light of all that has been considered, ordinary storehouses
will be defeated in order to store the same stockpiles in the simplest and
outbound warehouses. In some cases, a few producers like to dissolve a
particular or a single object. This is generally an example of a high quality
brand or high-quality image frames (eg high-end electronics) that require
considerable pre-purchase and post-sales.

A.   Analyze the evolution of logistics outsourcing in
Sri Lanka during the last decade and argue whether or not outsourcing has
complemented the strategic objectives of business organizations? Use relevant


 Strategic importance of Sri Lanka to a production economy. It is
advisable to use the use of capital specialists called third party logistics
(3PL). 3PL Servers The logistic functions of a company for one or more
specialized firms that have been designated 3PL are usually defined as
outsourcing. The sluggish approach driven by manufacturers and suppliers to
drive access to retailers in the past few decades has led to a shift in the
supply chain strategy. Also, focusing more on services is reducing the cost of
inventory and supplies. These increasingly demanding environments are managed
by 3PL, 4PLs and LLPs to manage consumer goods companies. Delivery of supplies
to external stakeholders focuses on their core competencies. Experts work on
the work of specialists. FMCG therefore focuses on the potential of 3PL’s
strategic strategic uses, focusing on current research. This study is based on
the published literature review of the strategic use of 3PL of the FMCG
industry in order to provide a collaborative picture of the current state of
knowledge in this context and to prepare for future research.

To compete in the
challenging market today, supply chains today will have to perform efficiently
and effectively more effectively than anyone else’s. Storage processes are
widely used in many supply chains. Outsourcing has achieved revolutionary
success all over the world, but the Sri Lankan third-party storage industry is
still growing. This article presents an experiment carried out in Sri Lanka’s
third-party storage industry. The focus of the FMCG industry is on the storage
of external applications. Research research suggests: “Are there specific
questions considered by customers in selecting a third-party store
provider?” For any business, attracting, satisfying and retaining
customers is the main challenge to be competitive in the marketplace. As with
any other business, there are definite factors that usually attract customers
to a store. Identifying this information will be very useful for service
providers who successfully fulfill the above challenges.

As an emerging
industry, logistic plays a role in providing lottery competitors with a competitive
advantage. Profit-Through Inter-branded Partnerships are among the three main
providers of outsourcing for 3PL providers and their customers. 3PL suppliers
are rapidly increasing in number of companies to provide their supplies. Sri
Lankan apparel companies are keen to provide outsourced supplies compared to
other industries. However, it is a burning problem in the minds of the
customers that their 3PL suppliers have a negative perception of the needs of
customers and fulfill customer needs. This issue has been resolved by
identifying the factors contributing to the satisfaction of 3PL customers in
Sri Lanka’s garment industry. Primary data has been collected by 56 garment
companies using a random sampling using a semi-structural questionnaire. Factors
such as reliability, flexibility, effective communication, openness and
transparency, effective partnerships and collaboration, financial
considerations, fulfillment of conditions and customer relationships are
factors in the apparel sector in Sri Lanka in which the apparel sector of Sri
Lanka has a strong customer satisfaction. Looking at customers’ satisfaction,
both transfer behavior and customer loyalty are considered. It was revealed
that all selected independent variables had a significant connection with
customer satisfaction, and the main factor influencing customer satisfaction
was the flexibility of the 3PL provider



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