Let me give you something to think about. What would you do if you were stranded on   small island with about 40 people. Would you go insane? Would you be able to manage? Well this is the case for some unlucky people in the tribe called Sentinelese. The island that they live on is called North Sentinel Island. But… They don’t know that. In Fact they don’t know anything beyond there island shores, also, they don’t even know the most essential thing : fire! But somehow they managed to live on this 27 mile island for over 60,000 YEARS. Just let that sink in. The island is part of the Greater Andaman Islands which are in the middle of a bay called Bengal. North Sentinel Island is about 800 miles away from India, but for some strange reason, India decided to claim it there’s. But what is really interesting is how close this island is from a modern city like Port Blair witch is only 30 miles away from the island! You might be asking, why don’t they just leave the island? Well, the reason is because they are too scared. They have never been beyond the shores and they don’t know what lays beyond the shores. For what they know, it could be instant death. For them it is like a infinite ocean that once in a while brings some debris up to the shore. Because of this, whenever something washes up to the shore, they shoot it with arrows and stab it with spears to make sure the object won’t harm them. Which is a problem if humans are in it… One other question you probably have is how did they actually get onto the island? Well, this is one of there biggests secrets. There are many theories but, the biggest one is that they have grown up generation after generation on the single island. Another theory is that they once were transported there by ship, but they could not go back, and after that they lost their knowledge of actually getting there. But the theory before this one is more popular. So putting it together you can see that the Sentinelese is the only natural tribe that has been untouched by modern civilisation. They live on a small island called : North Sentinel Island. They have also never attempted trying to leave there island because they are too scared. The Sentinelese Tribe in there natural habitat. Culture of the SentineleseOf course every every country in the world has a culture. Some of them are normal and some of them are quite weird. And the Sentinelese no doubt the weirdest culture I have researched. And I think you might be weirded out too. This is their culture : Let’s start off with their clothes. They… have a weird dress code. Well at least for us. The average Sentinelese person has a apron that goes down to their knees made of leaves and any animal remains they found, all held together using tree sap. Sounds disgusting? They also have small accessories. This could include headbands made from reeds, bracelets made from vines and for the leaders of the tribe, even sandals made of vines and reeds sewn together. And it’s crazy to think that all of this is made without any metals (they are still in the stone age). Like you most likely guessed, the Sentinelese tribe are not going to be eating any gourmet food. There average meals usually consist of herbs, berries, raw fish (like I said they have not discovered fire yet), and meat. Meat is considered a delicacy because not many animals are on the island. So only the tribe leader(s) can have meat. They also have some laws and customs. To be honest they don’t have laws or customs because they have not had a situation where laws would be necessary. But this is the closest to what your gonna find if you watched them. One “law” they have is that when a unknown object (AKA debris) washes up onto the shore, like stated in the last chapter, they shoot arrows and stab it with spears to make sure its not going to harm their tribe. Another law/custom they have is that babies and children are considered more important than adults. There job is to protect the children because they don’t want their tribe to wipe out. Here we observe the Sentinelese tribe warning the photographer to leave the islands perimeterEncounters Like stated in the last chapter, the Sentinelese tribe attacks any object that washes up onto there shore. All they want is to stay safe, so it is reasonable for them to attack. And in the next few chapters, you will read about the encounters of modern humans and the sentinelese tribe. Disaster struck in 1974 when the national geographic team decided to shoot a documentary about North Sentinel Island. They took a boat to the islands perimeter and they got a bit to near. Like you probably guessed the boat was hunted down with little rafts with archers on them. After the director got shot in the thigh, the boat soon retreated afterwords. They ended up canceling the documentary due to not having enough footage and they did not want to go near the island again. The next known time we encountered with them was when a boat wrecked itself on the islands bays in 1981. They raided urgent help but they only got rescued 2 whole weeks later. Miraculously, the whole crew survived even though they were shot multiple times. And a fun fact for you, the shipwreck is visible on google maps seen at right. The most recent encounter we had with them was in 2006, when a group of 2 fishers were fishing near the island. Somehow the both fell asleep and the ocean current pushed the boat straight toward the island. Long story short they got brutally shot with arrows. A few days after, a helicopter came to retrieve the dead bodies but the helicopter was driven away because the helicopter was severely damaged and they did not want to risk dying.  

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