Introduction: Culture is the undetectable bond which ties the general population of a
group together. Our art, our writing and all our languages define us. They make
us our identity. Different individuals in various social orders have diverse
culture yet they additionally have a few similarities. The way of life shifts
in various things, for example, clothes, foods, religion and numerous others. It
has been properly said that a group is just as solid as its language and
culture. Our way of life too is being threatened by the present period of
modernization. In spite of fact that we have made some amazing progress from
old circumstances, we have overlooked our way of life simultaneously. Our present
generation is not really mindful about our culture. The majority of us have
overlooked our languages, our customs and in the process our character. It is
just a short time before we totally lose our way of life and conventions to

Are we forgetting the importance of
our culture in the time of globalization?

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Well, it is
important to discuss this matter because, in the globalization era we are
forgetting the values of our cultures and on the second side globalization also
led to population explosions, getting familiar with new communities every day.
That’s why its important to understand the importance of someone’s cultures and
religions. Culture is the fundamental foundation of any group which gives them
the lifestyles. The way of life gives answer for the basic issue that is faced to
community. Culture show us to think for the entire country not independently,
it gives the idea of family, country and so on.  Hofstede, G. (1984).
National cultures and corporate cultures. In L.A. Samovar & R.E. Porter
(Eds.), Communication Between Cultures. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

we live in the contemporary society so, it is vital to have
a better education and

understanding of distinct cultural differences
amount citizens is vital for a

successful community because more and more students
are being educated outside

their home countries. Education also plays important role
in everybody’s life.

Education is tha basic need of human. Without education
humanity is not possible.

Worldwide understudies landing in Canada at different
confront an educational

institution face a variety of challenges during their
time of study in this nation. An

ample number of the international students who study
in Canadian colleges or

universities will start their study about in an
English as a Second Language (ESL)

program either at a private organization or at a
perceived school or college. The

primary year in a foreign nation can be exciting energizing
and fulfilling when one

is looked with culture shock and unable to adapt or
adjust. “The real intent of this

question of course, is to discover what might be done
to compensate for these

differences and cancel the competitive disadvantages
that some cultures seem to

bear in this age of globalisation.” Francis X. Hezel,
SJ; para13; June 2009

Moreover, there are
significant religious and family differences. Religion plays crucial role in
cultural society. In a large portion of the way of life the religion is
exceptionally deferential to the greater part of the way of life individuals
and they entirely obey with their religion.  As we know that change is a law of nature. It is
necessary to adapt if a society is to keep pace with the ever-changing world
but, when this change comes at the cost of culture, the society instead of
progressing moves backward. “Culture helps to define social situations so
people understand how to behave based on that society’s cultural norms. Every
society or country has its own culture and national identity that distinguishes
it from another societies.” Lincoln Barcon, para5,2014

Apart from this, lastly
globalization and population increase continues to force people of different
cultures to work together. Likewise, family differences count in it. Culture is
learned within family and guides the way we solve problems in our daily lives.
Ethnicity is closely related to culture, although ethnicity usually refers to a
particular cultural group or race that interact and has common interests. Compendium
of Culture, para 4, 2015

 Early education regarding importance of
cultures should e given in the schools so that this problem could not emerge
more and more. People should make aware regarding new communities and new
societies all around from the world, so that the people of a particular
community cannot be discriminated.

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