In this assignment, I have decided to
focus on the Writing Process as the important part of learning outcomes, using
my argument essay “Violent Video game: A Link to Aggressive Behavior and
Criminal Violence” as an example that best illustrates the improvements in my
writing. I chose this learning outcome because I have
difficulty across the phases, from initially generating ideas for writing to
reworking those ideas into a draft. As the class goes on, I gain a large
amounts of experience to successfully develop thoughtful, in-depth writing by
utilizing the recursive phrase of brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising,
editing, and proofreading. By breaking down these writing process step-by-step,
I will able to create an effective and persuade researched paper and
ultimately, prepare myself for more complicated paper what require high-quality
of writing skills in the future

Writing process is an important guide that
offer many efficient practices to help me to write effectively and clearly. At
the beginning of this class, I was struggled to even get started my paper. Without
planning and outlining the topic at first, I just sit and stared at the blank
screen for hours, not sure where to begin or what should I write next. During
the course, I had learned to read the assignment sheet numerous times so I could
fully understand what the instruction was and, ultimately, came up with a
strong, original working thesis. Since the purpose of my paper was to persuade
teenagers who exposed excessively to violent video game and their parents to
raise self awareness toward these dangerous games, I have to find reliable
information from the scholarly articles in order to support my thesis
statement. Then I started to create an outline in order to organize each paragraph
in an order that made sense to the audience and to make sure that each idea was
fully developed in each paragraph. Keeping my intended audience in my mind while I write could help me to
make a good decision about what to include in my paper, to organize my paper,
and to keep in track with my purpose.

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This course has taught me to participate
actively in the peer review. Peer review is a useful exercise in which me and
my classmates share our creative works with each other for constructible
feedbacks and then uses these to revise and improve our paper. Prior to this
class, I was very unfamiliar with this process I had learned the more I
practiced evaluating and critiquing others’ work, the better my editing skills
would be to apply them in my future paper. Having some one to revise my paper
helped me to focus on larger issues such as lack of central thesis or poor
organization and to address small concerns like grammatical errors. The
feedback I received from the professor was beneficial because she pointed out
that my thesis statement was too vague and irrelevant and I relied heavily in
research facts from credible sources. After considering some helpful
suggestions from peer review, this is a revised thesis statement that is
arguable and debatable: “Excessive exposure to
violent video games often alleges that the high levels of violence in video
games encourage heightened aggression in developing children behaviors and minds,
eventually causing them to commit acts of criminal violence.” With the supportive advices from the
professor, I successfully used logo appeals to capture and reach my audience’s
attention and address the purpose of this paper through the use of evidences
and reasoning. I believed that my research argumentative essay was a
successful paper which became quiet evidence to me that I had grown substantial
amount as an effective writer as the result of this class.

Writing skills is a great
opportunity for me to get a better grades and greater academic achievement. I
believe that my improvement in writing process will help me to achieve academic
mastery. As I move forward to my future job, it will become greatly important
to use these learning in area that require a high level of writing skills such
as job applications, resumes, and cover letters. Therefore, possessing good
writing skills will bring enormous benefits that allow me to impress my boss
with intelligence and professionalism. As a biochemistry major, I will expect
to write many lab reports as well as research argument, in which require high
level of credibility. Writing these papers in a neutral and objective tone, I
have to show the examiners my ability to interpret the evidence, in this case,
data in efforts to make my paper as professional and organized as possible.
Overall, using writing process effectively whether in college level writing or
professional paper will eventually lead to my success in the future.

For the most part, throughout this class, Writing 102 has
really allowed me to improve my writing abilities as well as my time management
skill. Even though, I still struggle with other writing concept such as
transitions and in-text citation as well as work cited, I believe that I will practice
my writing skills continuously until I reach my writing goal. I will continue
to develop these skills that I learned from this class because they are vital
to my success in becoming a more creative and efficient writer. From this class, not only did I feel
happy and satisfy with my accomplishment I made but it also allowed me to apply
what I learned to the rest of my writing assignments in the future. I
believe that this class help me to prepare myself for more challenging classes
with complicated paper. Moving
forward to the next academic level, I hope to use all the skills that I have
learned from this course to help me in future paper and assignment dealing with

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