I also believe that new technologies will not only
facilitate access to the learning of people with disabilities, but, thanks to
new inventions and new resources available over the years, will help to improve
the quality of life of these People, helping to counteract the disability that
they suffer and including them in society, leaving aside all kinds of possible

Secondly, I want to comment on the great contributions that
new technologies bring to the field of special education, helping and
encouraging access to learning for students who suffer from disability. In this
way, I think that thanks to the use of new supports that the technologies offer
will improve the teaching that these students will receive in the schools, both
ordinary and special.

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It should be considered that IT is becoming more and more
present in the classroom and has begun to displace the traditional textbook, so
that changing the physical support of learning also changes the way teachers
teach, and in which students learn, so I think that thanks to the introduction
of IT’s and whenever they are used in a correct and responsible way, all the
teaching-learning processes will improve.

The current students have been born surrounded by
technology, so from an early age they learn to live together and to use all
these technological tools. While teachers have had to learn new knowledge about
the use of all kinds of technological utensils that are increasingly integrated
into the day to day schools. For this reason, I consider it very important that
teachers recycle and want to learn every day new ways and techniques to improve
the teaching-learning processes that give students, because in this way, will
improve the education that these students receive.

From what was stated in the previous pages, I am ready to
comment on the conclusions drawn from all the information mentioned above:
first, we must highlight the new role that ITs are getting within the system current
education, as each time their presence is greater at all levels of education.
But, for the correct integration and use of all this educational technology, it
is necessary to consider the two main participations of the education, the
teacher and the student.

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