I wish to study ‘MS-IS’ so that I can gain the required knowledge to work as a Business Analyst capable ofanalyzing the translation between technology and business. My long term objective is to build on therole of a Business Analyst and become an Information Technology consultant.My decision to pursue ‘MS-IS’ is influenced by my work at Atos. I work at Atos as a Senior Test Engineerwith the mandate to provide testing estimates, to prepare software test plan, test closure reports andtestwares. Testing complex business solutions require me to combine business knowledge, test strategy,and technical skills. During tenure of 36 months at Atos, I have primarily tested complex IT solutions thatfacilitate various players of UK rail industry to manage rail operations. Business requirements play asimportant a role as Functional requirement since these systems are safety-critical ones. I was exposed toAgile testing methodologies while working with the development team. Here, my role was to functionallysupport development team and to test the product before it was handed over to software testing teamand determine whether it was good enough to be tested. It was a hard-earned opportunity to work withthe client for in Darlington, UK for a period of 12 months. The MS-IS program will help me build on thisprofessional experience and equip me with essential skills to work along the entire spectrum fromanalysis of client’s needs to development of IT solutions and to final execution on client site.The MS-IS program at the University of Cincinnati features courses in business management andadvanced technical skills. This combination will not only hone my technical skills but also introduce meto the domain of business management. Apart from vastly rich gamut of mandatory courses, Universityalso offers an extensive list of specialization courses to choose from. The integration of ‘co-op program’with the curriculum entices me because not only one can gain invaluable industrial exposure from itbut also earn academic credit for it. ‘Co-op’ program will provide me with an opportunity to enhancemy skills and establish my career. University also provides excellent ‘student support service’ including,but not limited to career assessments, career fairs, mock interviews and resume critiques. Thesefactors along with world-class teaching faculty and state of the art infrastructure will help me build astrong base to achieve my goals.University of Cincinnati will provide me with not only academic and practical knowledge but also ampleof opportunities for professional development. Also the creative and stimulating environment will bringout the best in me. Hence, I wish to pursue my graduate program from ‘University of Cincinnati’.

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