am a human rights activist, my interest lays in humanitarian actions and
international law. With 3 years of experience with humanitarian actors, I have
been able to take reasonable steps to prevent human rights violations and strive
to ensure women’s rights. In addition to this, I have been able to deal with
the protection of human rights of the asylum seekers in Iraq where I worked on
the provision of legal assistance to refugees and ensured a protective
environment that respects human rights for all.

I have vast experience in human
rights issue and international law, I have worked with three different
humanitarian organizations where I was able to identify the vulnerable groups
and meet their needs. During the last three years, I have gained experience in advocacy,
and took a part in several campaigns all in the field of human rights
protection and civil law.

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I am currently working as Accountability Officer at
Welthungerhilfe (WHH) a German non-profit humanitarian organization. One of my
responsibilities is to actively support and encourage humanitarian actors to
focus on the humanitarian principles and standards when implementing and
designing project activities. Studying in Geneva will enable me to get insight into
international policies which will help me to work on international projects. I
am aware that Switzerland is a country with a perfect system of human rights
and solutions for social problems. Thus, studying in Geneva will familiarize me
with the best practice in this field in order to better meet the needs of the
most vulnerable groups of my country.

opportunity to study Master on Advanced Studies in Transitional Justice, Human
Rights and the Rule of Law will enable me to work more effectively and
adequately in my career aspirations. In addition to this, this opportunity will
enrich my knowledge in order to contribute to the development of humanity and
human rights issues in Iraq,

in northern Iraq and especially in the north of Nineveh province have been
through a lot of identity changes in the last decade. I believe that Iraq is
one of the countries that needs to support the promotion, protection and
respect of human rights in Iraq in an impartial manner.. Thus, I aim to adopt
in developing and improving the root causes of conflict or repressive rule, and
addresses the related violations of all rights.

studying this master degree, I believe that by participating in this master
degree, I will be able to approach to various human rights issues when I come
back to my country. In coordination with the local and international
humanitarian organizations and civil society, I will strive to support the
Iraqi Government to focus on key areas, including the rule of law, the
protection of civilians from the effects of armed conflict and violence.

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