resource information system (HRIS) help the companies to retrieve and store
large amount of information  very quickly
and efficiently because the competitive world want the competitive people
(Asim, 2010). HRIS is the combination of the software’s and hardware’s and that
are used for the data storage in the database from all the departments and
provide information on the demand of the human resource personnel.(DeSanctics
1986). HRIS is the backbone of HRM (Hendrickson, 2004)

human resource department in the organizations is heavily stuffed with a lot of
data but how organization are managing this large data is the main concern  (Mohapatra, 2010). This study reviews that
how the introduction of new technologies in the organizations affect the HR
professionals that how they accomplish their tasks not only in the HR
department but also the whole of the organization (Beadles ? Lowery,& John
2009). From the last two decades the productivity of the organization is
increased just with the use of IT (Dery,2005,Evered & Hertel ,2009). The
environment in which HRIS is implemented is considered the important factor
(Evered &Hertel ,2009). HRIS helps the organization in producing the
authentic information and it is really cost saving for the organizations and
better data analysis will be done.

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Organization are
ready to adopt changes if they have competitive advantages but many
organizations are not ready to adopt changes they resist new technology
implementation like HRIS ,unless they all know about the benefits are professed
proposed by (Brekers & bsat, 2002) that there are huge cost that are
required for instituting and maintenance  of HRIS and its implementation (SAP,SAP
business one review, 2013 ). According to the research and the past literature
shows that every country every organization have their own culture and norms
and according to them they face different challenges in adoption of new 

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