Electricity is the flow of electrons in a current.A single cell battery will produce electricity until it runs out of reactants.These batteries only work in one direction,converting chemical energy directly into electrical energy A battery consist of a cathode(positive) anode (negative) and the electrolyte.Electrical current travels through a loopy path, called a circuit.A battery works by separating the electrons from an atom and pushing them into the circuit.An atom’s nucleus consist of a buzzing cloud of electrons.The particles in the electrons is called protons.Electrons have negative charge whilst protons have positive charge.Generally an atom has no overall charge,the protons and electrons balances out.When an atom lose or gain an electron, it becomes a charged particle called an ion.Ions with a missing an electron is positively charged.An ion gaining an electron is negatively charged. The posetive and negativ terminals of a battery are connected to two diffrent types of metal plates, electrodes.One high level and one low level.inside the battery the elctordes are immersed in chemcials.The chemicals react with the metals causing excess build up on the anode and generating a shortage of electrons on the cathode.This result in an electrical difference between the anions and the cathions,also known as voltage.The unstable build-up of the electrons leads to the electrons wanting to become stable thus pushing the excess electrons from the anode to the cathode.The anions repel each other and try to escape to the cathode, a material with fewer electrons.But the electrolyte prevent the anions from going straight from the anode to the cathode within the circuit.When the battery is conncted to a closed circuit, the anions will be able to follow the path .The excess electrons flow out of the battery through the anode ,through the circuit, and back into the battery through the cathode.The flow of electrons,the electrical current, gives energy to the attached devices.

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