Disposal of paper bags is more eco-friendly than plastic bags as the
bags are made from tree pulp and not spare petroleum products. Modem landfills
are designed in such a way that the isolation from air and water prevents
anything from biodegrading, so using paper bags with this intention is better
.Similarly, much paper bag is renewable or energy efficient. In a opposite
direction, the pulping and bleaching processes used for plastic bag creation produce
more Carbon dioxide emissions per year than comparable to paper bag
manufacturing. Paper bags have advantages in that they are less damaging to
marine life, and use 71% less energy in the production process, which means
paper bags does not damage the marine environment. Paper bags are also easy to
recycle and to be made into another new paper bag. Sources have shown paper
bags are less harmful to the environment, and better alternatives to plastic
bags. (Strobel, 2012) In a website of  (good start
packaging.com, 2017) paper grocery bags are said much
safer for wildlife, made from renewable resources plus highly recycled, and do
not pollute the oceans. They also hold more volume and are sturdier and as well
as easy for biodegradable. An armful of paper packs feels such a great deal less trashy than a
swaddling of plastic; they review the exemplary dark colored paper staple goods
sack of old.

the world where many “eco-friendly” terms are thrown around interchangeably to
attract buyers or consumers, even the most well-intentioned customer can feel
misinformed. Some common terms that we might hear when making decisions
regarding which environmentally responsible packaging best suits the product or
brand are: Biodegradable Bag. It refers to a bag that will break down into
carbon dioxide, water, and biomass within a reasonable amount of time in a safe
and natural environment. Something that is marked as biodegradable requires
certain conditions to break down. Landfills lack microorganisms and organisms
required for waste to degrade. And if it’s disposed of inside another container
or plastic bag, biodegradation may not occur in a timely fashion. In this term
paper takes around 2-5 months to biodegrade compared to plastic bags which may
take over 500 years to forever to biodegrade. (Ecology Packaging , 2017)

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