Diagram adapted from (human anatomy
library, 2018)

The male reproductive system
produces, stores, nourishes and transports the reproductive cells gametes, also
known as sperm. The structure and function of the male reproductive system is
as followed:

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This bag of skin and muscle contains and protects the testes. Its job is to
regulate temperature, making sure the sperm is kept at the right temperature
for adequate production. The superficial location of the scrotums helps keep
the sperm at a temperature of three degrees lower than the core body
temperature of thirty-seven degrees. It does this by expanding when exposed to
heat, allowing the testicles to cool and contracting in cooler climates,
pulling the scrotum towards the body for warmth.

The testes are two plum shaped glands which produce sperm and secretes
testosterone. Organised within the testes are the seminiferous tubules, here is
where the sperm is synthesised. Each measure at approximately four centimetres
long by two and a half centimetres wide. Epididymis:
Located at the back of each testis consists of a head, body and tail region.
The epididymis stores and matures the sperm. The sperm mature as it passes
through the long-coiled tube before ending up in the ejaculatory duct. The
maturing process can take up to week.Ductus
(vas) deferens: Is the sperm transport system which carries the ejaculatory
sperm out of the epididymis and into the ejaculatory ducts.Bulbourethral
gland: Secrete thick alkaline mucus that helps neutralise any urinary acids in
the urethra.Rectum:
Is part of the large intestine which connects the colon to the anus. It is
where faeces collect before being excreted from the body.Seminal
vesicle: Are leaf shaped tubular glands. They produce seminal fluid which mixes
with the sperm. The whitish yellow fluid contains, sugar fructose, proteins,
citric acid, inorganic phosphorus, potassium and prostaglandins. Urinary
bladder: Is a hollow pear shaped, muscular distensible organ of the urogenital
system that stores urine.Prostate
gland: Is a chestnut-like organ which is located behind the pelvic bone. It is
distal to the bladder and rests upon the rectum. The function of the prostate
is to provide part of the fluid called seamen. The substance within the
alkaline prostatic fluid help in sperm motility.Urethra:
 Tube which transports and discharges
urine from the bladder to the vaginal opening. Corpora
cavernosa: Are two chambers that run the length of the penis, filled with a
sponge like tissue that becomes engorged with blood allowing an erection to

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