Deaf culture and clubs   What is their history (deaf culture as it relates to deaf clubs)?American deaf culture focuses on just using ASL with other people who are deaf. A definition from deaf sociolinguist Dr. Barbara Kannapel of deaf culture states, “It is a set of learned behaviors of a group of people who are deaf and have their own language (ASL), values, rules, and traditions.” With deaf culture people have a great use of expression and spatial and visual language that does not require the use of sound. ASL focuses on the eyes. This gives the deaf an opportunity to tell great stories through signing. Deaf culture relates to deaf clubs because they both focus on bringing deaf communities together to better themselves and others. Deaf clubs are a big focus on the deaf community because it brings people together to get new and helpful information for their own deaf cultures. It is also a great way to bring new people together. Different cultures may get together to do certain things pertaining to their own culture and may encourage other deaf people to create their own club with different things through the cultures. Deaf clubs are related to deaf culture because they have the same signing and the same thing they do on a daily basis.Why is it important for deaf clubs to meet?It is very important for deaf clubs to meet because it is set up where they get together to discuss how to improve their organization that they are working on. This is also important because these groups dedicate themselves to clubs and when working together they can get a lot accomplished. For example, when meeting they can discuss and organize deaf events and talk about how they are going to get people involved in their club and attend their events. These clubs can meet on a day to day basis and keep in touch with what they have going on. It is important because they can make a big deaf day for all the people who would want to go. And they can get together and maybe make new friends with meeting others clubs also. Plus they can be one club and then keep expanding on that one club to get bigger and keep going to places and meeting and getting the club alot bigger.What is the historical significance of deaf clubs?In the 1940s and 1950s these were the big years for deaf clubs. Many people started with clubs in the 1910s. when clubs would meet they would rent out places and it would change each time they met. These clubs collected money from dedicated members of the deaf club and they would buy a building or rent it out for a long period of time so they could have a nice steady place o meet and discuss. These clubs would be deeply involved with the deaf culture where they would use their time to find a location where deaf people could attend comedian shows, holiday parties, movies, and plays. The deaf clubs were created by most deaf people from the 1920s to 1950s. these clubs would also get together to discuss problems going on in the community somewhat like a place to ‘blow-off steam’. During the 1960s the deaf clubs would start to decrease because deaf people did not have the time to meet with each other and it just died off. Deaf clubs bring other people together from different areas, it is a place to bring together long lost friends and even new friends. As well as possibly meeting your future husband or wife. This is also another opportunity for people to share their bright ideas and experiences with new people from different communities.Where is the closest deaf club to Covina, CA?The club closest to Covina, CA is in Rancho, Cucamonga, there are 805 members involved with this club. They are a club for deaf, hard of hearing people, as well as ASL students to get together and practice ASL. They are there to set up fun activities to hangout and relax. Their goal is to have members that are fluent in ASL to help the students with their ASL language. Another goal that this club has is to have a bigger range of activities through more parts of southern California. These different clubs get together at different places such as Shakey’s, ice cream, or starbucks. These places are big and are all friendly so attending a place like this would be good for clubs to interact and get closer together as a club. There are others clubs around there also. There is not just one club. This is just the closet one to us and where we live. Having clubs around still is very beneficial to the deaf culture because it brings together different people.What has changed the dynamic of deaf clubs in recent decades?The deaf clubs started to decline as new technology came out. They would, instead of getting together they would watch television and movies. As cell phones came out with texting the clubs used the phones to stay connected with their group members. They would text one another to keep in touch and keep updated with news and what was going on with the organization. So as phones became more popular deaf clubs started to decline. People have said that it is false on why they are declining because phones came out way after the clubs started to not meet anymore. Other than that the deaf clubs from now on have been saying that is why they do not meet anymore,because of technology instead. More deaf people had made new friends and now the deaf clubs are getting bigger by the year. It is getting bigger because ASL is a big language and a lot of other kids want to learn it in school. Having clubs declining is a negative impact on the deaf society because not as much people are involved with certain things anymore because they have their cellphones to keep them updated with what is going on in the news down to their own little community, all through the internet. I believe that deaf clubs should start to get together to create different events and ideas for their community. These clubs can figure out how to encourage more people to come out and join cubs rather than going on their phones to keep updated on the information that they need to know. Being Involved can help that person’s self-confidence and help them with their signing skills. This can better everyone as they are working together to accomplish something great. What is the purposes of deaf events?The purpose of deaf events is for people from different areas to gather together and meet new people. These events are for learning students as well as the deaf. I attended a deaf event with my sister when she was in high school. We attended the Starbucks at the Orange Shops. It was very interesting to see her sign to other people there. She was there to interpret for me as well as introduce me. Going to that deaf event with her made me excited to go into ASL myself when I entered high school. The purpose of deaf events is to gather together different cultures of deaf people and make new friends. Having deaf events encourages others to come together as a community for educational events and celebrations. Different events may include different things like film screenings, comedy shows and sign language performances and concerts. The location of these events vary in different places such as, churches, businesses, parks, libraries, and even classrooms at a school. Having these special events can encourage people to meet new friends with similar interest and create certain different clubs. They could also schedule future meeting to get together to plan events. And alo it helps people get and gather new friends as they go to each deaf event. Like last year I had a teacher named Mrs.Soza. She felt like she was alone because she could not hear when she was a kid but er family was hearing. But how do you think she got to know so many deaf people and friends. That is the purpose of going to deaf events, because you make new friends and you explore what is around you. You get to know how many deaf people are around you,  and it is not just for deaf people. In school people want to learn this language so they can attend deaf events. This is a good experience for them and so they can learn how real deaf people sign.Explain a larger event where deaf people gather.A larger event where people gather is for people around the world come to so they can get an idea of the different things deaf organizations do around the world. Large events bring together many people from different areas and the topic of the event could be very interesting so when the deaf attend then need to arrive early to get a good seat so when the performer is performing they can see them clearly. People gather at a lot of deaf events. You would be surprised how many people show up. Also I was surprised when I went with my sister to the orange county ASL deaf event. I mean there was a lot of more people than i expected.My own experienceWith my experience with my sister I thought it was great and I myself would love to attend one myself where I am able to communicate with other deaf people through ASL. I feel like it would be very beneficial for me because it would help to improve my singing skills. It would also help me in my future classes with ASL as I would like to continue my knowledge of ASL. This experience can help me through my future and possibly help me with my future and what I would like to go into.

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