David Sables, CEO of
Sentinel Mamagement Consultants, who advise


 A practice to benefit
their agenda (increase profits and dividends for shareholders) H&B stated
in a letter, seen by the BBC, that H&B were investing £3m in HD CCTV to
address the issue of product theft, which is nearly 2% of sales. Holland and
Barrett also stated that their suppliers would have to care of the expense in
the form of invoice adjustments or free stock (BBC News, 2016). H&B
are not in financial difficulty to squeeze small business.

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Technological Factor






According NHS, powerful skin lightening is
available on prescription from a doctor, which usually contains one or both of
the following medications: hydroquinone or corticosteroids (Nhs.uk, 2016). They
also stated that products, which contain these ingredients that haven’t been
prescribed by a doctor, are banned in the UK, as they can cause serious side
effects if used incorrectly. Also other potentially harmful such as Mercury are
also banned (Nhs.uk, 2016).


David Tredinnick is a conservative MP who’s
a strong advocate of alternative and complementary medicine. He stated, “Herbal
remedies and healing were now becoming accepted in different parts of the NHS  (Gander,
2014). Although, Melissa Davey
stated in the guardian that homeopathy is not an effective cure relief for
any health conditions as it only provides a placebo effect (Davey, 2015).


But Debbie Weekes, the head of research at
Runnymede Trust race equality also responded saying that Holland and Barrett “clearly knows its target demographic and
they know why they’ll buy it” (Amara, 2017). She then added: “the product being marketed as a skin-whitening cream is not going to appeal to a raft of
blonde women. However, It’s offensive to generations of work done to encourage
darker skinned people to have more confidence or pride in their skin” (Amara, 2017).


Holland and Barrett have been politically
criticised by race equality charities for selling Dr Organic Royal Jelly skin
body whitening cream which according to Holland and Barrett website it’s used
to help people with age spots or sun darkened skins. However Jabber Bhutt who’s
the deputy chief executive of Race Equality Foundation had deemed it to be “hugely irresponsible” for Holland and
Barrett to sell this product as the product is “damaging the self-esteem of black and minority ethnic people in the UK
” (Amara, 2017). He also requested that the product should be removed from the
shelves immediately.



This essay we will look to examine Holland
and Barrett’s operations to determine weather their business statements are in
accordance with their business practice and the impact it has on the political,
environmental, social, technological, legal and economical influences it has on
the UK retail market. The name Holland and Barrett has become synonyms with
food supplements, homeopathy and vitamins and healthy alternative medicines,
the essay will discuss the ethical issues these products presents to consumers.


Holland and Barrett is a UK’s leading
retailer of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. The company was founded
in 1870 and have expanded to over 1,300 stores in 16 countries; Republic of Ireland,
Netherlands, Belgium, China, India and UAE, with their main presence in the UK.

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