As you travel round the world, you will realize that there
are lots of places you still haven’t explored. There are several destinations around
the world that are phenomenal and exotic yet cheap and affordable. These
backpack destinations can be explored on a budget so you don’t have to mortgage
your house! All you have to do is find them.

To make it easier for you, we have provided you with a list
of affordable destinations you can explore. Read on to discover the 10 top
places to backpack in 2018.

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With stunning and beautiful beaches, sumptuous and delicious
dishes, magnificent cliffs, historic places, and friendly locals, Portugal is one
of the best backpack destinations in Europe. What makes it even more appealing
is its art, culture, and affordability. If you’re visiting Portugal, the
capital of Portugal, Lisbon is a must for you to go it. Lisbon has some of best
wineries in Portugal and there are several hostels available for about $15 or
$30 per night. This means that whatever you do in your travel to Portugal, you
can enjoy everything as cheap as possible without sacrificing any enjoyment.


Thailand remains one of the most popular backpack
destinations because of its magnificent culture, world-class cuisine, stunning
islands, and wonderful locals. And all of these are available at ridiculously
low prices. There is so much to enjoy in Thailand and with only a few dollars
per day, you will be able to enjoy stunning sights and tropical oasis. If you
are looking to relax and live in with others, the dorm rooms are very cheap and
come at $3 per night. Private beds and bathrooms are also available for $5 or
more. The same can be said about Thai food too as just $1 can get you a healthy
and incredibly filling meal.


Many backpackers see Spain as a destination that is too
expensive to backpack, however, there are lots of things that can be enjoyed on
a budget, even in the city of Barcelona. The most popular landmarks in the
country can be explored for as little as 10 Euros. The country also has some of
the best museums in the world and on regular days, many of them are free for
public visitation. If you need to give yourself a break for the wonderful
sights, you can head for the beaches for relaxation and stunning scenery.


It is a common misconception that Fiji is full of expensive
and gorgeous resorts. It is actually one of the best backpack destinations
consisting of paradise-like hostels, cheap guesthouses, delicious cuisine and
wonderful beaches. However, there are a few resorts that a bit expensive, but
you can still enjoy the delicious seafood, world-class diving, and wonderful
scenery at the beaches on a relatively low budget. It has to be said that Fiji
is one of the destinations that a backpacker should never miss.


India is in our list of top places to backpack as it one of
the most affordable and exceptional backpack destinations. You will be
surprised with how you can eat so well without spending much. While there are
plenty of places to go to in India, Udaipur is one that seems to come to mind
first. Its beautiful monuments and lakes as well as its vibrant history are
sure to impress you. The cuisine there is wonderful and incredibly cheap. You
can help yourself to the sterling dishes from the top restaurants for a little
amount of money. You can also buy smaller foods from the streets spending a few


Seen as one of the most interesting places in the continent
of Asia and in the world, Vietnam is a place to be. Prepare to be immersed in
its stunning scenery and amazed by the range of foods available. With as little
as 9 cents, you will be able to enjoy freshly tapped beer. The hotels are also
cheap and affordable and you can stay in dormitory-like hostels for just $3 or

South Africa

Stunning beaches, magnificent mountains, amazing wildlife,
tasty wine, and a vibrant culture – South Africa has every reason to be in our
list of the world’s top places to backpack. It is an ecosystem that brings
together industry, art and activity. You can decide to take your adventure
outside of Cape Town to the magnificent Wild Coast to experience the rich Xhosa
culture. Getting there might not be easy compared to other backpack
destinations, but with the experience that awaits you, it is definitely worth


Chile is a nation in a class of its own. This special corner
of the earth has some of the greatest sights in the world. With Puerto Varas as
focal point, you can explore great places within a two-hour drive from the
city: going to the top of a volcano, exploring waterfalls, finding the best cakes
and cheap and delicious food. It is now much easier to catch a flight with the
new non-stop flights from both London and Melbourne.


The great news for backpackers looking for a new country to
discover is that Georgia is probably one of the least discovered Eastern
country in Europe. It is located down the Caucasian Mountain range. It can be
described as the dream of backpackers because of its astonishing history,
magnificent mountains, amazing beach resorts, friendly locals, and special
cuisine. Compared to other backpack destinations of the same standards,
accommodation is very cheap in Georgia. You’ll be able to get dorms for a
little over $5 and standard rooms for $20 even in Georgia’s Capital, Tbilisi.


Cuba has one of the most amazing architecture and vibrant
history in the world. Its culture and music are also some of the reasons why we
have included it in this list. There are lots of options to explore in the
large Capital of Cuba, Havana. The local cafés are easily accessible for you to
hang out with the locals, you can also head out to the ever rocking salsa clubs
for an amazing experience. Accommodation is cheap and with only $10, you can
rest comfortably in a hostel. The meals too will only require you to spend a
few dollars to get yourself filled and refreshed.

All these backpack can be explored on a budget comfortably. But
your mission is a lot easier when you have a list of the top places to backpack
in 2018. Whatever activity you take
on in any of these countries, you’ll find it hard not to leave utterly
intoxicated. So, get ready, grab your gear and go visit one of these backpack

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