and Ataxia are the main signs in the FXTAS patients while MRI studies also
showed the enlarged ventricles and brain
atrophy Hagerman et al. 2001.  Patients
suffering from FXTAS also found to have parkinsonism Louis
et al. 2006 predominant dementia Bourgeois et al. 2006; and dysautonomia Pugliese
et al. 2004. This heterogeneity in the clinical signs
can be explained by the pathological
involvement of both the
central and the peripheral nervous systems. Although the size of CGG repeat is negatively
correlate with the development of disorder Tassone
et al. 2007 but the degree of brain
atrophy Loesch et al. 2005b and the severity
of these MCP signs (Leehey et al. 2008 has a positive correlation.

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