are two main research methods used within sociology to depict findings; qualitative
and quantitative research methods. Quantitative is the best method for this
research because it is more concerned with quality for a more comprehensive analysis.

The sample is usually non-random, where the observer is closely interested in
gathering information through interviews, observations, documents, and
questionnaires. Using a deductive approach with the qualitative research method
is best because it follows strategic steps for a more organized finding;
theory, hypothesis testing, then findings. Researchers need to be conscious of their own
biases and assumptions.

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conclusion, the world can be a confusing place to understand. Society sometimes
needs a telescope to comprehend, and other times needs a microscope to
understand. Murdock explains the family in the new millennium as “a social
group characterized by a common residence, economic cooperation, and
reproduction (including) adults of both sexes, at least two of whom maintain a
socially approved sexual relations, and two or more children, own or adopted,
of the sexually cohabitating adults” (Murdock, 1949). The traditional nuclear
family once was the Standard North American Family with married adults of the
opposite sex and biological children. The father was the breadwinner, and the
mother took on domestic chores within the household. However, this ideology of
the 19th century family has shifted and become more fluid as society
changed drastically over time. There are many contemporary definitions of what
a family is in the new millennium. With the help of feminist perspectives,
women in nuclear families have become a bit more equal to men in terms of the
family. Both adults within a household are usually dual-income families, and
share domestic chores. Ascribed
roles, leadership and the way a family functions within a nuclear family
contributes to the idea of what a family is and how family works as a social
system. From a feminist perspective, using qualitative research methods will
help analyze nuclear families and depict its findings. Families are micro
social groups situated within macro social contexts. In conclusion, the family
indeed is a social system that is constantly being reconstructed and changed to
meet societal norms. In result, changes and reconstructions with authority and
leadership will than shift as well. 

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