20-12-2017Abdul RehmanWoburn Massachusetts WaterContaminationThe people of Woburn, for roughly about ten years, had been facing the odd situation of unusuallyincreasing numbers of leukemia in children of the town. Families of the victims were seriouslyconcerned about the situation that was getting worse day by day. So after a long time of about adecade families began to think that the increasingly contaminated water of water holes G and Hwas the real reason behind all this chaos.After a long time, it was found that the industries of W.R. Grace and Beatrice foods dumped theirwastes into the lands of people that, as time passed, seeped into the soil and caused thecontamination of ground waters of that area. By 1950, because of industrial evolution, the groundwater was so contaminated that it caused shortage of drinking water in the area. Even anenvironmental survey in 1958 found out that the water in the ground was so contaminated thatdrilling a water hole would not be a good option to work on in order to cope with the shortage ofdrinking water. But instead, the people did dig well, named G and H, in the town for water. Thewater from these wells was used for drinking even though the residents had complained that thewater was foul and smelled very bad.The pollutants that did pollute the underground water were in fact the ones released from industriesin the area. These included? Trichloroethylene (TCE)? Tetrachloroethylene (PCE)? PesticidesAlthough the wells were ceased in 1979 after it was found that they were high on TCEs. Thecontamination did influence a large population of 35000 of Woburn. The number of leukemiaincreased up to 4 times the national mean, particularly in children. Other non-contagious diseasesare extra.The current situation though is that the waters in the underground have been treated with UV-lightsand hydrogen peroxides. As the case got seriousness and caught attention of EPA, the Agencyfound out that it was Beatrice and W.R. Grace actually who were responsible for the dumping andas a result, contamination of waters of Woburn. Hence these industries were held responsible forthe damage to water quality and the quality of life of the residents. Now both the industries areresponsible for biggest cleansing action in history of water pollution.

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