1.Dominant? ?Powers:? ?Rome and America are very powerful actors in their world. Their power has both
military and the ‘soft power’ of language, culture, commerce, technology, and ideas. Rome and america
are very powerful figures in the world at this point in time.
2.? ?Equal? ?in? ?Size:? ?Rome and America are close in physical size. The Roman Empire and the
mediterranean sea fits in 3 million square miles of the lower 48 states. Rome and America are very close
in size because there physical sizes are pretty close.
3.? ?Global? ?Influence:? ?Rome and America created global structures structures. Administrative, economic,
military, cultural. The rest of the world took gravity and photosynthesis for granted. They both influenced
the world in there own way. But both of the societies dominant stature was taken for granted within their
own societies and the world.
4.? ?Open? ?Society:? Both of the societies are made up of many peoples. They are open to newcomers,
willing to absorb the lifestyles. To grant citizenship to incoming tribes from all corners of the earth. These
societies are usually very welcoming to anyone that wants to join. Rome has always been very open to
everyone. America is well pretty much a “melting pot.”
5.? ?Similar? ?Cultures:? ?Romans and Americans like lawyers and lawsuits a lot. Romans and Americans like
making fun of famous people. Americans by talk shows, comedy, court TV, and satire. Romans by
vicious satire, censorial nota (person who looks over defense),name by name, pubic airing, and also
saying everything that a great man should be ashamed of. Needless to say both the romans and the
Americans like to make fun of famous.
Even though they have many similarities, there is also so many differences. The differences and
similarities are very different from each other that it makes sense about everything that happened between
rome and america.
1.? ?Abundance:? ?Even though it was wealthy. Rome lived close to the edge. Many areas were only one dry
spell away from famine. While america enjoys economy abundance. America must be careful of the
diseases of overindulgence. Because of the fall of Rome a bunch of health and environmental problems
started occurring. Some people claim because of that issue that some of the roman leaders were killed off
from consuming excessive amounts of lead. Only the wealthy had the money to have water come through
the pipes to their house.
2.? ?Slavery:? ?Rome was always a slave country, with the profound moral and also social retardation that it
implies. America started out a slave a slave region, but then a bunch of riots started and then slavery was
outlawed in the united states. During the later years of the empire unemployment started to appear. Slave
owners became a thing because it was the easiest job. Slave Owners could sell their ropes for cheaper
because of the slaves.
3.? ?Government:? ?Rome came out from a city-state, but it took centuries for rome to let go of the
city-state’s method of governing. Even when the romans got out of the city- state they needed to find
another government. America from early on started to administer itself as continental power. Because of
the final years of the empire the morals and values started to decline in rome. Crime of violence started to
occur out in the streets, thus making the streets very dangerous for normal people top walk on.
4.? ?Democracy:? ?Rome had a very powerful buy tiny aristocracy and good ideas over social order. Even
when rome was at its most democratic they came nowhere close to america when it was at its least
democratic (under british rule).Rome’s political power was in that hands of the patricians, a small
percentage of the educated, wealthy and powerful.
5.? ?Entrepreneurship:? ?romans didn’t really like the idea of entrepreneurship. While americans hold it the
highest esteem. Entrepreneurs are very res pelted in the american society. The romans didn’t really have a

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